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01449 614840 / 07713 740229

I am very proud to say that I have lived in Stowmarket, with my wife Tracy and daughter Jennifer, for the past 24 years and like most people who discover the delights of Suffolk we have no desire to leave!

The reason we settled in the area is that, until recently, I was an Army Officer and Apache Pilot based at Wattisham, we loved the area so much that we decided to make it our home. On retirement from the Army I was very fortunate to find employment locally as an Apache Simulator Instructor. I am also proud to be a member of the Army Reserves where I continue to serve as a Senior Officer and pilot.

After spending thirteen happy years helping develop the children of our town, a role she is immensely proud of, my wife Tracy retired. My daughter is a keen ambassador of Stowmarket High School, a school that gave her an excellent education leading to her becoming a PhD student at Leicester University.

I have served as a Town and District Councillor representing Chilton and North wards. I am humbled and delighted at being elected as the Mayor of this wonderful and exciting town. I will strive to do my very best in representing you, ably assisted by my Consort and Deputy Mayor.

Projects I am currently involved in include a wonderful idea to improve and bring new life to the rivers that brought life to the town, so that we can improve the well-being of all. The project is slightly ahead of the planning stage and we have the buy-in of many local businesses in helping deliver a river scene that will provide extra open spaces, recreation (canoeing, walking) and also improve the tourist attraction of the town.

I am very keen to see improvements to the town centre and will always champion and support new businesses where I can.

With my military background I am very keen to work in liaison with the Royal British Legion in ensuring that we do our best to honour the military covenant and that, where possible, we support and assist the many veterans that reside within our town.

My charities this year are the Saturday Club helping youngsters in our town by providing support, guidance, mentoring and companionship. I also aim to raise money to help the homelessness within the local area so that we can help people to find a place they can call home, work and security.

Above all I will always remember why I was elected as a Councillor and foremost as the Mayor, and that is to serve and represent you with the utmost of integrity and to the very best of my abilities.


2018-19 - Barry Humphreys