The Town Council provides hanging baskets and large planters throughout the town centre which add a great deal of colour and interest during the summer months. New style hanging baskets, which incorporate a water reservoir, have successfully reduced the water consumption and the time involved in maintaining the hanging baskets.

Over 20 additional trees were added to the trees planted on Gipping Way in 2013-14 which were installed to commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The work was carried out in partnership with Mid Suffolk District Council.

A further 3,000 bulbs were planted on the Recreation Ground by the Town Council adding to the planting scheme to commemorate the Centenary of the Start of the First World War. This has significantly enhanced the visual appeal of the area. More crocus and daffodil bulbs will be planted each year, up to and including 2018, as part of the commemoration of the First World War.