People often plant trees as long-lasting and vibrant memorials to celebrate and commemorate friends, relatives and loved ones.

Memorial trees may be planted in locations in the town that have been approved by Stowmarket Town Council. The main area for tree planting is at the Recreation Ground, Finborough Road in the area shown on the plan below. Over time, we hope that the area at the Recreation Ground will develop into an attractive avenue of trees, providing a fitting memorial to departed friends and family members.

You may choose a tree from an approved list comprising:

  1. Quercus robur(English Oak)
  2. Juglans nigra (Black Walnut)
  3. Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam)
  4. Tilia platyphyllos (Large Leaved Lime)

Alternatively, you may suggest another tree. However, its mature height should be less than 40 feet so that it fits in with the natural setting and does not impede the growth of surrounding trees. Stowmarket Town Council will consider and determine each such application on its individual merits.

A licence to plant a tree can be obtained from the Town Council. The Town Council will arrange for a tree to be obtained from a local supplier with support, ties and protective fencing. The fees are available on request.

Usually tree planting takes place annually, normally in late autumn each year, so that all trees can be planted at the same time and we are able to minimise disturbance to the area. You may attend the planting if you wish. Alternatively you may wish to arrange a tree planting ceremony to take place outside of autumn, please speak to the Deputy Town Clerk for information.

We do not record the position of memorial trees but you may supply and attach an engraved plaque mounted upon a wooden plinth which must be no larger than 10in x 8in in size.

If you require any further information, please contact:

01449 612060