Stowmarket Orientation Signage Improvements

As part of the improved signage planned for Stowmarket, Stowmarket Town Council is proposing to introduce new pedestrian signage to the Town Centre. The aim of the scheme is to sign the key destinations within the town to ensure that visitors are able to find their way around the town easily and use the most appropriate routes.

New Town Welcome Signs have been introduced at the gateways to Stowmarket and it is proposed that the new finger posts would be similar in style and design to these, in that they are going to be traditional in design and utilising the same black and gold colour theme.

Please see below a proposed map indicating the Fingerpost Signing Layout.

It is envisaged that the project will be programmed for installation by the end of February 2018.

Action Required:

Stowmarket Town Council welcomes your comments, ideas and suggestions on this proposal. Please email any responses to by the 20th  October 2017.


Map with text boxes