Have your say on Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council’s Joint Area Parking Plan!

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council have recently begun a Joint Area Parking Plan Consultation in which Stowmarket Town Council are very much involved. An application has been made to the government, to transfer responsibility for parking enforcement across Suffolk, from the Police to Councils.

The government have supported steps to decriminalise waiting, loading and parking restrictions and make them a civil matter, meaning that enforcement would be undertaken by local authorities rather than the Police. Please take a look at the new parking policy document provided by BMSDC for more information: www.babergh.gov.uk/assets/Communities/Parking/BMS-APP-22Jan19-final.pdf.

It is important that all areas have the opportunity to have their say on the Joint Area Parking Plan Consultation and we would therefore encourage you to express your views through the online survey which can be found here: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/KHG0I