Environment & Heritage Champion of the Year

Awarded to a person or group who have helped to improve the town’s environment or support the heritage of the town.

Councillor Miles Row said “The Environmental Champion Award seeks to recognise the contribution of a person, group or a local firm that have made a positive contribution to the local environment or heritage of the town. This could relate to improvements to the natural environment, litter picking, recycling of materials or more ambitious projects that encourage environmental sustainability. It could also include work relating to a conservation or local history project. Whatever their contribution, we would like to hear about them.”

Muntons are sponsors of this year’s Environment and Heritage Champion of the Year Andy Janes, Muntons Corporate Marketing Manager commented on their sponsorship: “The Stowmarket Town Council awards offer local companies a golden opportunity to recognise people and businesses in the region who are making a real contribution. Muntons are a major employer with over 250 people working at our Stowmarket headquarters and the category we sponsor, ‘Environment and Heritage champion of the year’ is something we feel very strongly about. Every year we buy over a quarter of a million tonnes of malting barley, which we use to make a range of malt and malted ingredients, used by food and beverage companies around the world. Without good quality malting barley we would not have a business. To ensure that our business is sustainable, we make sure that we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, so much so that we have even created a strapline to reflect this: ‘P.S. Practical Sustainability – it’s no afterthought’. So what better way to show that we care than by sponsoring the Environmental and Heritage category of the local town council awards.

You only have to look at old maps to see that Stowmarket has a rich history of malting. There are many old malthouses dotted around the town, many now converted into desirable flats, residences and even a nightclub but the only working maltings in Stowmarket now is here at Muntons. We moved to the town in 1948 and still use today the original Boby drums installed at the time to make our malt. We have added new facilities but the rich history of malting in the town is dear to our hearts. It sees therefore fitting that we can support an award which not only encompasses our strong desire to protect the environment but also one that recognises the historic importance of our town.”

More information on how to nominate can be found on our website www.stowmarket.org. The closing date for nominations is 29th June so get nominating!

This video shows 2016/17 winners PPG!