Employee of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of a local business.

Councillor Barry Salmon said “Local businesses require good employees to be successful. The Employee of the Year Award seeks to identify staff members who are not just ‘good’ in their role, but are truly exceptional. This might be demonstrated through their positive approach to their job; their unstinting belief and dedication to their work; their innovative ideas which have brought about genuine changes; or their committed service to customers and support for other colleagues. Whatever local business they work in, we are keen to hear about their contribution and celebrate it.”

Tesco is sponsoring this Year’s Award, they said “Celebrating what’s great about our local communities matters to Tesco. We’re a large employer with a presence in communities across the UK. We know that it’s only possible to serve our shoppers a little better every day through our colleagues’ hard work and skill and we’re proud to sponsor this Award which recognises the Employee of the Year in Stowmarket. We want all of our colleagues to be themselves and reach their potential – whoever they are, wherever they work, whatever they do and two years ago we were proud that one of our own talented colleagues took home an Award . This year we look forward to presenting it to the next worthy winner.”

For more information on how to nominate your Employee of the Year please see our website http://www.stowmarket.org

This video features 2016/17 winner Diane Knights.