The Operations team have transformed the railings along Lavenham Way.

Stowmarket Town Council place a high value on serving the needs of the people of the town and improving the aesthetics of the town.

The Council recently received a request from a local resident commenting of the poor state of the railings in 2 locations on Lavenham Way and complained they were an eye sore. The Operations Team were quick to respond and gave the railing a complete makeover.  Reverend Chris Childs of Combs Parish is ‘delighted’ with the improvements and compliments have been received from a number of the local residents.

Michael Marriott, Operations and Estates Manager states that “Stowmarket Town Council has a Good Neighbour Scheme where, when possible, we take on boundary issues with our neighbours, dealing from time to time with eyesore/grot spots etc . in the town.  This was one such opportunity that we were pleased to provide a service to”

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