Since the Town Council’s inception in 1974, Stowmarket has had a Town Mayor. The Mayor is the first citizen of the town. Within the town, they have precedence over all, with the exception of members of the Royal Family and the Queen’s deputy, the Lord Lieutenant. Throughout their Mayoral year, the Mayor meets with a wide array of people and organisations, honouring them for the contribution that they make to the local community. The Mayor also attends a number of engagements and functions outside of the town, representing and promoting Stowmarket.

A list of past Town Mayors can be found below.

R.W. Hiron 1974
E. Jones 1974-1975
R.J. Pattle 1975-1976
Mrs. R.P. Jones 1976-1977
C.G. Soames MBE 1977-1978
G. M. Brewster 1978-1979
P. Olfield 1979-1980
F.H. Brooke 1980-1981
D. H. Hopgood 1981-1982
E.E.J. Nunn 1982-1983
G.A.J. Paton 1983-1984
W. Wright 1984-1985
R.J. Pattle 1985-1986
Mrs R.P. Jones 1986-1987
D.H.P. Perry 1987-1988
Mrs J.M. Cade 1988-1989
J.E. Shaw 1989-1990
E. Jones 1990-1991
Mrs E.A. Shaw 1991-1992
E.E.J. Nunn 1992-1993
W.F. Crane 1993-1994
R. D. Snell 1994-1995
G.A.J. Paton 1995-1996
Mrs M.S. Finbow 1996-1997
Mrs C.M. Burgess 1997-1998
Mrs H. Salmon 1998-1999
R.D. Snell 1999-2000
Mrs M.S. Finbow 2000-2001
J.A. Drake 2001-2002
K.E. Scarff 2002-2003
B.J. Salmon 2003-2004
G.A.J. Paton 2004-2005
Mrs L.M. Mayes 2005-2006
Mrs P.J.E. Robinson 2006-2007
F. Whittle 2007-2008
Mrs A.E.J. Whybrow 2008-2009
Mrs V I Waspe 2009-2010
Mrs P. J. E. Robinson 2010-2011
Mrs D. Ball 2011-2012
Mrs A.E.J. Whybrow 2012-2013
Mrs V.I. Waspe 2013-2014
G.M. Brewster 2014-2015
B.J. Salmon 2015-2016
Maj. B. Humphreys MBE 2016-2017
D. J. Muller 2017-2018