Stowmarket Town Council owns two allotment sites in the town. The Hospital Fields site is located on Bury Road beside the A14 opposite the entrance to Chilton Road. The Cemetery Fields site is located beside the New Cemetery in Violet Hill Road. The Stowmarket Allotment Growers Association (SAGA) has erected a poly-tunel which is located on the Hospital Fields site. The poly-tunnel, which was paid for by a grant from the Town Council, is available for use by all allotment holders and enables them to grow produce throughout the year.

The allotments are extremely popular and there is a waiting list for people wishing to have an allotment. For any queries about the allotments, please contact Sarah Parramint on 01449 612060 or email

We need alloment land – can you help?
The Town Council has a number of people on the waiting list for an allotment and we are currently looking for additional allotment land. This can include residents with large gardens that they are are willing to rent out to gardeners to cultivate – something that we have already successfully facilitated with one property owner in the town. If you have land that you’d be willing to make available for allotments, please contact David Blackburn, Town Clerk on 01449 612060 or email: