Note to Undertakers & Stonemasons:

Burial ServicesIf you wish to book a burial, please complete the Application of Burial Form and bring with you at the time of booking.

The below fees apply to Stowmarket residents only. For those residents not living in Stowmarket at the time of death, the total fee will be doubled. Fees will be doubled for burials taking place on a weekend or Bank Holiday.

In order to erect or alter a memorial, please complete the Application of Monument Form and return it to Stowmarket Town Council.  Please note that memorials should not be erected until a year after burial takes place in order for the ground to settle, however memorials can be erected after eight months at the purchaser’s risk. This only applies to burial plots not cremation plots.

Applicants should ensure that they arrange the necessary insurance cover in respect of memorials of any description for which permits are issued. Stowmarket Town Council advises applicants of memorials to seek the relevant advice from Undertakers and Stonemasons.

Under their management powers, the Council has resolved that no further kerbstones, flatstones, gardens or mounds shall be permitted in any part of the Stowmarket Cemeteries or any extensions thereof, with a view to making these areas a Lawn Cemetery, this facilitates easier maintenance and upkeep of cemetery grounds. A full copy of the cemetery regulations can be found below. Applications to erect headstones and other memorials should be made to Sarah Parramint.

Any fees which may be charged by Ministers of Religion for services rendered in respect of burials in Stowmarket Town Cemeteries will be recovered direct by the Minister concerned and are payable in addition to the fees specified in the following table of fees and charges.

For all enquiries regarding Stowmarket Cemetery, please contact Sarah Parramint at Stowmarket Town Council, Milton House, Milton Road South, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14   1EZ. Tel: 01449 612060 or email

Burial Fees and Charges

  April 2018 – March 2019  
Still born or child under 12 years Nil
Person over 12 £340.00
Cremated remains £275.00
Scattering remains on an existing grave £84.00
Exclusive rights of burial £400.00
Exclusive rights of burial – ashes plot £355.00
Fee for erection of headstone or cross not higher than 3 foot £210.00
Flower vase £48.00
Scroll, open book or recumbent cross not higher than 1 foot 6 inches £67.00
Additional inscriptions £65.00
Use of Bier inside Cemetery £49.00
Annual care of Adults grave (grass cutting and tidying up only) £52.00
Annual care of Childs grave (grass cutting and tidying up only) £34.00
Turfing of grave space (Adult) £41.00
Turfing of grave space (Child) £29.00


Cemetery Regulations

Cemetery Regulations - Adopted and approved 18th July, 2018