The Stowmarket & District Road Safety Committee exists to help make local roads, paths and cycle ways safer for all pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. It covers Stowmarket and the surrounding villages.

The Committee represents public opinion and is made up of County, District, Town and Parish Councillors and Suffolk Constabulary, as well as local residents and Residents’ Associations.


Do you want to get involved?

If your parish doesn’t already have a representative on the Committee, why not send one along?

You’ll have the opportunity to raise any problems you have in your village, get help and advice and pass on the views of your village regarding wider ranging issues and schemes.

We can also hold additional meetings to discuss any planning applications that are put forward in your area which have a road safety aspect.


Who we are

Chairman – Councillor Keith Scarff, Stowmarket Town Council

Secretary – Michael Marriott, Stowmarket Town Council


Our Aims & Objectives

To help ensure highways and footpaths are safe and well maintained, the Committee meets quarterly to:

  • provide a forum for problem solving and sharing ideas
  • identify dangerous areas and areas where traffic laws need to be better enforced
  • agree areas which would benefit from the use of safety cameras and speed indication devices
  • suggest safety improvements and physical road enhancements which could prevent accidents to the District and County Councils
  • advise the local planning authority on the road safety implications of planning applications
  • contribute to consultations on road safety matters and policies
  • seek to influence local authorities’ road safety actions and future priorities
  • monitor local road safety schemes, projects and plans, such as Community Speedwatch
  • consider issues relating to public transport services
  • discuss any other road safety matters

For further information please contact the Secretary, Michael Marriott  on 01449 612060 or