The purpose of the Regal Theatre Committee is as follows:

  • To oversee the delivery of the Regal Theatre Improvement Project with full delegation from Council to take all reasonable steps and undertake all necessary actions, to deliver Option B as set out within the business case for the project subject to:
  • The submission of reports regularly to full Council on the progress of the project;
  • Prior approval by full Council for any measures that are outside the scope of Option B (within the original business case); and
  • The full Council being alerted if, at any stage, it becomes apparent that there is a significant risk that the funding allocated will not be sufficient to deliver the project.


Members of the Regal Theatre Committee

Councillor Gareth Betts-Davies
Councillor Nick Gowrley (Chair)
Councillor Barry Humphreys
Councillor Barry Salmon (Deputy chair)
Councillor Mrs Heather Salmon
Councillor Keith Scarff


Agenda for the next meeting

To follow