snow clearance pic 2

Stowmarket Town Council has launched a volunteer snow clearance and gritting scheme throughout the town. The scheme seeks to assist local neighbourhoods in obtaining access to sand and grit to enable volunteers to keep their roads passable in bad weather. This is a new initiative and it is hoped that it will be successful in Stowmarket.

The Town Council does not deal directly with this issue as it is covered by Suffolk County Highways department and therefore does not have resources directly at its disposal to deal with this matter.  However, it does have contacts with the Highways Authority which should enable grit to be provided in your neighbourhood if a suitable location can be identified and a volunteer scheme can be established.

There are already seventeen teams of volunteers around the town who’ve signed up to grit and clear snow from their roads The Town Council provides the teams with grit bins, snow shovels and hi-vis jackets.   The Highways Team fill the grit bins in the designated locations prior to the bad weather to enable them to prioritise high traffic routes when the bad weather hits.

The Highways Department of the County Council is not able to provide a free grit drop to every individual that asks for supplies so the Town Council’s role is to ensure that each new grit bin  is part of a neighbourhood scheme where at least 6 neighbours (and hopefully a lot more) have signed up to form a Volunteer scheme.

The procedure for signing up is important because it confirms that the persons concerned have consented to join the scheme and have read and will follow the safety guidelines. It also ensures that they are covered by the County Council’s Insurance Policy in terms of public liability.

If you would like further information on the scheme please do not hesitate to contact the Town Council’s Environmental Officer, Neil Berry via email who will be able to provide you with all the necessary forms and advice you on the process involved.