David Blackburn, Town Clerk

I was appointed as Town Clerk in 2011. My education includes a degree in Economics and master’s degree in Business Administration. I am professionally qualified as a chartered secretary. My career has been spent working mainly, in the areas of governance and politics for various local government organisations in Kent, Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. I have also supervised elections in the Balkans working with OSCE, in conjunction with the United Nations. I enjoy a wide range of team sports and I am a qualified cricket coach. I am married to Jennie and have three children, Tom, Alice and Jessica.

Stowmarket is a great place to work and I really enjoy working with local people, businesses and community groups. I believe that an ambitious Town Council can make a real difference in shaping the future of the town and lobbying for new infrastructure and amenities. Stowmarket Town Council has come a long way in recent years, winning awards for some of its many achievements thanks to the efforts of our Town Councillors and staff. I am committed to ensuring that we remain on course and we continue to work with key partners and people to improve our fast growing town.

If you wish to meet the Town Mayor and Town Clerk to discuss any matter that affects the town, please contact me on or 01449 776393.