The purpose of the Full Council is as follows:

  • To appoint the Mayor and Deputy Mayor;
  • To make appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies;
  • To approve the Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegations;
  • To deal with all matters of Town Council business unless Council decides specifically to delegate any such matters to the Council’s Committees;
  • To receive and take appropriate action in respect of recommendations submitted by the Council’s Committees;
  • To approve the Town Council’s Major Policies;
  • To approve the Town Council’s Corporate Plan;
  • To fulfil responsibilities for the overall financial management of the Town Council;
  • To determine the Town Council’s Budget and Precept;
  • To approve the Town Council’s Reserves and Capital Programme;
  • To review and determine the adequacy of the Council’s Internal Control, Risk Management and Asset Management Arrangements;
  • To approve the Annual Accounting Statements, Annual Governance Statement and sign them off for External Audit annually;
  • To approve any application for borrowing;
  • To appoint the Internal Auditor;
  • To receive reports from the Auditors and determine actions to be taken in response to the Auditor’s recommendations;
  • To authorise (ratify) payments made by the Town Council;
  • To approve any grant for more than £1,000 and recommendations from the Grants Panel as part of the Annual Grants Round;
  • To receive budgetary control reports and implement any corrective actions required;
  • To review the Town Council’s Banking and Insurance Arrangements annually (subject to delegation of certain actions to the Audit and Governance Committee and Town Clerk); and
  • To authorise the writing off of Bad Debts (subject to any delegation to the Town Clerk).

Members of the Full Council 

Councillor Linda Baxter (Town Mayor)
Councillor Gareth Betts-Davies
Councillor Gerard Brewster
Councillor David Child
Councillor John Curle
Councillor Paul Ekpenyong (Deputy Town Mayor)
Councillor Nick Gowrley
Councillor Gary Green
Councillor Barry Humphreys MBE
Councillor Lesley Mayes
Councillor Dave Muller
Councillor Miles Row
Councillor Barry Salmon
Councillor Mrs H Salmon
Councillor Keith Scarff
Councillor Wendy Winchester

The Council meets each month at the Town Council offices at 7pm. Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend.

Council meeting dates for the municipal year 2019/2020 are as follows:



Agenda for the next meeting


Minutes of Council meetings during 2018/19

2nd May, 2018
20th June, 2018
18th July, 2018
19th September, 2018
17th October, 2018
21st November, 2018
19th December, 2018
6th February, 2019


Minutes of Council meetings during 2017/18

3rd May, 2017
7th June, 2017
5th July, 2017
6th September, 2017
21st November, 2017
20th December, 2017
7th February, 2018
21st March, 2018


Minutes of Council meetings during 2016/17

Please click on the links below to view the minutes for the Council meeting held on that date.

4th May, 2016
1st June, 2016
7th September, 2016
5th October, 2016
22nd November, 2016
7th December, 2016
4th January, 2017
1st February, 2017
15th March, 2017

Minutes of Council meetings during 2014/15 and 2015/16

Please click on the links below to view the minutes for the Council meeting held on that date.

4th June, 2014
3rd September, 2014
1st October, 2014
5th November, 2014
10th December, 2014
7th January, 2015
4th February, 2015
4th March, 2015
1st April, 2015
3rd June, 2015
1st July, 2015
2nd September, 2015
7th October, 2015
4th November, 2015
2nd December, 2015
6th January, 2016
3rd February, 2016
2nd March, 2016
6th April, 2016


Please click on the following link to view the minutes from the Council meetings in previous years:

2013 Minutes from Meetings
2012 Minutes from Meetings
2011 Minutes from Meetings
2010 Minutes from Meetings
2009 Minutes from Meetings