The purpose of the Personnel Committee is as follows:

Full Delegation:

1. To maintain the Town Council’s Human Resources policies under review to ensure that they comply with employment law and demonstrate good practice;
2. To promote the health, safety and welfare of staff in accordance with the aspirations of the Town Council to be a good employer;
3. To oversee arrangements for the appointment to the senior management positions of the Council
4. To review and determine the terms and conditions of all staff periodically;
5. To support the delivery of training for elected members and staff; and
6. To conduct appeals on staff disciplinary and grievance matters as necessary (should there be insufficient capacity at officer level to do this).

Members of the Personnel Committee

Councillor Linda Baxter
Councillor David Child
Councillor David Muller (Vice Chair)
Councillor Miles Row
Councillor Barry Salmon (Chair)
Councillor Wendy Winchester


Agenda for the next meeting:

2020.01.15 Personnel agenda