Members of the public are very welcome to attend meetings. If you are interested in local affairs, come along and get involved!

Do you have a Question for the Town Council?

The Town Council makes it easy for you to be heard by Councillors and to get answers to your questions. Anyone who lives in the Stowmarket area or who runs a business or local organisation in the town can ask the Town Council a question at the beginning of the meeting.

If you would like to ask a question, please send it in writing at least seven days before the meeting to:

The Town Clerk
Stowmarket Town Council
Milton House
Milton Road South
IP14 1EZ

Or send the question by email to to

Councillors need time to consider your question and prepare a reply. Also, certain types of questions cannot be answered and we will tell you if your question falls into that category. For example, the Town Mayor or Chairman will not usually answer questions about anybody’s personal circumstances.

Town Council Meetings start at 7pm. At the meeting you or your representative will read out your question and the Town Mayor or appropriate Committee Chair will reply. You can then ask one other question relating to the original question.

If you or your representative cannot come to the meeting, a reply to your question will be given and a copy of the reply sent to you soon after the meeting. A list of questions to be answered at a Town Council meeting will be circulated to all Councillors and copies will be available at the meeting.

Written Replies to Questions

When it is not possible to answer all the questions placed in front of the Town Council, you will receive a written answer to your question shortly after the meeting.

The Town Council does not pretend to have all the answers on all local issues but we are always willing to listen and learn.