Stowmarket Town Council is made up of 16 Councillors who are elected for a four year term. The last Town Council elections took place in May, 2015. The town is made up of four wards, with four Councillors elected to each of the wards.

Below you will find a list of the Stowmarket Town Councillors. For further information please click on the Councillor’s name.

Chilton Ward

Councillor Mrs Linda Baxter

Councillor Gary Green

Councillor Barry Humphreys MBE

Councillor Barry Salmon

Combs Ford Ward

Councillor Gerard Brewster

Councillor Nick Gowrley

Councillor Mrs Heather Salmon

Councillor Keith Scarff

St Peter’s Ward

Councillor Paul Ekpenyong

Councillor Mrs Lesley Mayes

Councillor Mx Miles Row

Councillor Wendy Winchester

Stow Thorney Ward

Councillor Gareth Betts-Davies

Councillor David Child

Councillor John Curle

Councillor Dave Muller