Standing Orders

Standing Orders are the rules which dictate how the Council acts in meetings, they set out the rules of debate, the method for voting and the way that the Council must conduct itself. A copy of the Town Council’s Standing Orders can be found below:

Standing Orders 20.12.17


Financial Regulations

Stowmarket Town Council’s Financial Regulations sets out the financial policies of the authority and a copy can be found below:

Financial Regulations 20.12.17


Equality and Diversity Policy

The Town Council aims to maintain and demonstrate equal opportunities and promote inclusion throughout the entire organisation. A copy of the Equality and Diversity Policy can be found below:

Equality and Diversity Policy


Personnel Policies

The Personnel Policies cover a wide array of topics such as annual leave, data protection and recruitment. A copy of the policies can be found below:

Personnel Policies


Councillor’s Code of Conduct

Stowmarket Town Council resolved to adopt the Suffolk Local Code of Conduct which applies to all Councillors when acting in their capacity as a member of the Council. A copy of the Code can be found below:

Code of Conduct