town-twinning-1Twinning has been part of Europe’s life since the early 1950’s, bringing people together across frontiers.  Stowmarket has been twinned with Verneuil-sur-Avre since 1979 so this relationship will be 40 years old in 2019.

The Stowmarket Town Twinning Association exists to foster and extend the links between people of Stowmarket and its twin town of Verneuil-sur-Avre. It is run on a voluntary basis by annually elected committee members, supported by subscriptions, fund raising & social events.

Membership is £15 per family or £8 for individuals, and £20 for organisations.

The committee consists of Marilyn Finbow – Chair, Jon Pattle – Vice Chair, Heather Salmon – Secretary, Jan Rooks – Treasurer, Sue Smith – Membership Secretary and Dennis Morley- Bonjour Editor.

What happens on a Twinning visit?town-twinning-2

We have an exchange visit with Verneuil every year over the Easter weekend, swapping between travelling to France and hosting French visitors here in Stowmarket. We usually travel as a group and stay as guests in the homes of French families. The same happens when the French families come to Stowmarket. The weekends include organised group trips, visiting places or attractions in the host country, and spending time with your twinned family.


town-twinning-3Who can join?

Anyone living in the Stowmarket area is very welcome to join the association. They are also invited to attend open meetings and social events. Our current age range is 10 to 75+.

We are family orientated and knowledge of the French language is certainly not necessary although it makes a difference to your overall visit experience if you can speak even a little of it. This is a good way to seek to improve your French language skills.

The Twinning Association is pleased to assist other groups in the towns who may wish to visit or link with each other. There have been sporting, professional and recreational tie-ups in the past. The Association is delighted to help create a link for any group, be it a social or sporting club, a group of hobbyists or a youth organisation. For every organised activity in Stowmarket, there is almost certainly an equivalent in the Verneuil area.

The Twinning Association also hold regular fund raising events through out the year. This year they are holding a Murder Mystery evening & a soup and pudding evening.  Please see our events page for further details!

If you would like more information on The Twinning Association, and their events or would like to join please contact Marilyn Finbow on 07775 790678 or